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Stuart Walton Says: “Evan is the greatest.  I received a virus on my computer over the Christmas Holiday season and went "oh no".  This was the first time in years this had happened and I felt emotionally drained.  Evan came to the rescue and made my holiday season enjoyable. ”


Apple Computer Maintenance


Jim Martine Says: “My wife and I are in our 70s.  Both of us use the computer a lot for normal functions and would be lost without it.  When we have a problem we call Evan.  He is cheerful and patient and very competent.  He can hook right into your screen with his "team viewer" program, find the problem and get things working right again.  Evan is very personal and communicates very well.  Previously I had to talk to someone in India.  It was aggravating and expensive.  We are very happy with him and his service. Everyone needs an Evan.”




Evan Finkelstein

Bremerton, WA 98310

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Have a question? Ask Evan, he's the best at answering all your computer related questions. Please feel free to contact Evan anytime with any of your computer related questions or just to give your honest feedback of services provided.


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